The TLDR Version

This license applies to the downloadable art you can access after purchasing an NFT Brickie.

Basically you are welcome to use the images for whatever you like as long as it is personal use. You can use them as profile pics, share about on social media, and print for hanging on the wall or onto a t-shirt. You can even use it on a web-site royalty-free, although attribution would be nice if you are going to do that.

What you can’t do is create copies to resell in any way. You can’t sell prints or t-shirts, or resell any digital copies or downloads including new NFT’s.

You can of course re-sell the original NFT, which will allow others to download and enjoy the art as you have.

Please don’t use my artwork in any way if you are going to be mean to anyone at all.

The Full License


1. Definitions

“Artwork” means all types of visual content, including without limitation animations and illustrations, and includes any provided additional downloadable content. Any reference to Artwork includes the whole or the part.

“NFT” means Non-Fungible Token conforming to the ERC-721 standard.

“Ownership” means the right you have acquired by purchasing the Artwork by means of an NFT.

“Licensee” means the purchaser of the Artwork by means of an NFT.

“Licensor” means the Artwork creator

2. Grant of Rights
2.1. General Use: The Licensor grants the Licensee a worldwide, non-exclusive, non sub-licensable, non-assignable, royalty- free right to use, reproduce, display, broadcast, or transmit (collectively “use”) the Artwork, for personal and non-commercial use by the Licensee.
No ownership or copyright in any Artwork shall transfer to the Licensee by the grant of the license contained in this Agreement. All rights not expressly granted to the Licensee are reserved to the Licensor.

2.2. Commercial Use: The Licensee is not permitted to use the Artwork for commercial use without the express permission of the Licensor.

3. Restrictions
Additional to restrictions on commercial use, the licensee may not use any Artwork in a manner that is defamatory, pornographic, obscene, or is associated with hatred, intolerance, violence, cruelty or could reasonably be seen to infringe upon the rights of others, whether directly or in context or juxtaposition with specific subject matter. Licensee may not incorporate the licensed Artwork in any logo, trademark or service mark. Licensee may not make the Artwork available in any medium in a manner intended to allow or invite a third party to download, extract or access the Artwork as a standalone file. Licensee may not share or otherwise distribute or allow any of the Artwork to be distributed to or used by anyone other than the Licensee, without prior written consent from Licensor. Unless otherwise expressly licensed, the Artwork may not be modified, reconfigured or repurposed.

4. Terms of License
The terms of this license apply so long as the Licensee is the owner of the Artworks NFT. If, at any time, the Licensee sells, trades, donates, gifts, transfers or otherwise disposes of the NFT, this License and the usage rights granted herein, immediately expire.